We live in the lovely and green outskirts of Budapest, culture, gastronomy and friends however link us to the city.
We have created 2ndHome to have a smaller equivalent of our own home available for us and our friends in the buzzing city centre. Furnishing, decoration and equipment have been carefully chosen to suit our own needs. To have our comfort, we have purchased a place in a nearby car park.

As we do not use this flat all the time, we happily share it with people who would like to stay there.  However, we are no professionals, nor do renting out for living, rather for fun and for getting in touch with new people similar to (or even more dissimilar from) us . We like to think that we are open and welcoming hosts who have their guests in their prime focus.

Please come to us, be our guest in our second home!

If you like our flat, please take a look at our other property: www.3rdhome.hu